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We believe that everyone can play music, and we want to make playing music a daily event for the majority of Australians.

Music Academy

The Academy

IMA began in 1996 as the Brisbane Independent Music Academy. Since that time we’ve strived to provide the best individual music tuition in Brisbane and South East Queensland. and now in Brisbane’s CBD.

We believe that everyone can play music, and we want to make playing music a daily event for the majority of Australians.

We also believe all musical styles are relevant. As such, we have dedicated our company to recruiting the most talented musicians and we continue to train and develop our staff and our methods.

Our Staff

We go to great lengths to find skilled and motivated staff to work as mentors at IMA. If you are an excellent musician and wish to pass on your knowledge contact us today.

Our staff are, without exception, seasoned musicians. They’re not just teachers, but accomplished musicians in their own right. In this way, IMA can offer you, our clients, a wealth of practical experience from accomplished learners turned mentors.

Music Teachers
Everyone can learn music

 Our Philosophy

Everyone can do it.

That’s a very simple truth. Everyone can make music. In other parts of the world, everyone makes music as part of a household or other social group. In our society, non-professional sports enthusiasts take part in social games of cricket or football. Why couldn’t this apply to music creation and enjoyment?

You shouldn’t have to be a professional musician to make music. It should be easy.

Playing music shouldn’t be hard. It should be easy and fun. If it’s hard, then you’re doing it wrong.

Our mentors will bring the music out of you. Trust them to pass on their love for their craft!

While IMA is concerned with the external achievements of music making, we also cover the internal aspects of music making. The Internal aspects of music making include focus, relaxation, discipline, and self-expression. We believe our unique, structured approach can often be the key to unlocking your musical potential.

Everything we propose in our lessons is quickly achievable. We believe it is best to learn things in small, digestible chunks that you can’t choke on (or fail at). Learners need to see people who can do it. Mentors need to show how it can is done. Clients need to believe that it is easy. That is why IMA only employs mentors who can play. (And we like to think we have high standards when we assess whether someone can play.)

Everyone should feel that they can express themselves through music.

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Learn to play music at these locations

The IMA music lesson success keeps growing from strength to strength – now with three Brisbane locations !
Choose the music school that’s most convenient for you!

Windsor – Brisbane
186 Albion Road
Windsor QLD 4030

Ashgrove – Brisbane
Shop 16, Ashgrove Central,
219-223 Waterworks Road,
Ashgrove QLD 4060

Newstead – Brisbane
56 Commercial Road
Newstead QLD 4006