Lessons for all ages and all abilities

At Independent Music Academy, we have 20+ years of experience in mentoring generations of music learners. We mean what we say. If you want to play music (or sing), we know that you will be able to.

Tailored music lessons that are a heap of fun

Wanting to learn to sing? Play the guitar or the piano? There are plenty of options. We are entirely independent. We have assembled a talented team of professional musicians, mentors and tutors to help you achieve everything you want to do in the world of music. Regardless of your experience, our expert staff will make the process of learning enjoyable and tailored personally to you.

Answers to common questions

Where are you located?
We have studios in Windsor, Ashgrove, and now in Newstead! See our addresses below.

How much do lessons cost?
Lessons are $40 per half hour over a 12-week block. If you cannot commit for 12 weeks – no problem! We offer 9, 6, and 3-week blocks as well (the cost per lesson rises only slightly for the shorter blocks.)

What times are you open?
Our doors are open from 9AM to 9PM. Available lesson times depend on our current volume and availability.

Read our FAQ to learn more.

“What has impressed me the most about IMA is that I’ve been motivated to really get involved and experiment with music, not just to learn the instrument. It’s because of this guidance that I have started to write my own music and a whole new world has opened up to me.
I’ve found that at IMA my mentor can almost always answer every single question I throw at them. And if they can’t, they found out for me. I am constantly impressed by my mentors experience and helpfullness in all areas of music; not just my instrument.”


, 15 year-old student

Choose your instrument

IMA offers music lessons to teach you to play an instrument or learn to sing. Your first free lesson is essentially an interview where we take half an hour to get to know you, what music you like to listen to, what sort of music you would like to learn to play, and where you would like to play it.

We’ll also discuss the topics to be covered in the coming weeks and give you an idea of how much practice you’ll need to do to learn to play (or sing) the music you love. Your lessons can cover a variety of topics, including: learning the physical technique, mental technique, improvising, writing, transcription, and of course, playing the music that you love.

Learn to play music at these locations

The IMA music lesson success keeps growing from strength to strength – now with three Brisbane locations !
Choose the music school that’s most convenient for you!

Windsor – Brisbane
186 Albion Road
Windsor QLD 4030

Ashgrove – Brisbane
Shop 16, Ashgrove Central,
219-223 Waterworks Road,
Ashgrove QLD 4060

Newstead – Brisbane
56 Commercial Road
Newstead QLD 4006